Coping With The Unexpected

It's just been 5 days since I've gone into a new phase of things and had planned to do stuff I don't usually do. Just a day after listing what I planned to do, something unexpected happened (I'm a big cat lover). I had a feeling things were too good, too quiet, too fun etc… I have a saying, something is wrong when nothing is wrong. I doubt anyone has a perfect day. Something, no matter how miniscule (or grand) is bound to happen that you will either shrug off or be like a throwing a spanner into  the gears running your day.

How do you exactly cope with the unexpected? Fortunately and, ironically, unfortunately you can't stop time and life goes on. Humans are quite different from any other creature in that we can quickly adapt to our environment (the physical and mental environment we live in). Things don't always go as planned, but you have the power to set things right. Once you realize and accept things the way they are you can start making the decisions to set things back in their places. That still didn't answer the starting question of this paragraph. I don't want to spoon feed answers because this topic is too random for certain answers. My advice: whatever decision you make, do it confidently. Before you know it, you'll realize it was the right decision.

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