PinguyOS: Impressive Enough

In my quest to find the perfect Linux OS (perfect to me at least), I came across one based on Ubuntu called PinguyOS. I tested it in a virtual machine and it looked pretty good. It uses docks through Docky so that you can access the applications you like the most, by default they come on the bottom and left side of the screen. On your desktop on the right is something called Conky, which by default is set up to monitor your system stats such as CPU, memory usage, network etc… I had a look at the config file and its quite simple to customize once you have an idea what you want.

After making a copy of the previous state of my laptop's hard drive, I went through with a full installation (32-bit version) to see how well hardware is supported. I usually plug in the computer with an Ethernet cable, because most of the time I have had no WiFi support out of the box. PinguyOS detected my WiFi card in its live version flawlessly (expected that since it is based on Ubuntu, the only that worked with WiFi from the get go on my computers). The installation failed the first time for some reason, it just hanged there on the time zone selection screen even though it was downloading stuff. I attempted the installation again and it went smoothly the second time.

I am now in the process of getting stuff installed like Eclipse, Android SDK, Wuala (which I previously reviewed) etc… I just may have found a Linux OS worthy enough to stay on my computer this time. By the way, PinguyOS was ranked 22 on Distrowatch's list last I checked. Goes to show you that you should give lower ranked distros a fair chance ;-)!

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