A New Chapter Begins!

Just a couple of hours ago I bid farewell to my last class. It has been a long and somewhat tiring number of years. I slacked the first couple of years, but I partly blame that on the registration system we used to have (imagine everyone registering for classes in ONE day!). Then came the courses which were only offered during the summer, which I skipped in order to visit Brazil. The third year I picked up a bit, going on overdrive for a semester, which was not a good idea. I blame myself for taking courses intense in numbers… Final year, I got a chance to really pick myself up. I pledged to finish by taking whatever was offered, regardless of the psychological and physical cost it endured. I also worked on some papers that were published, attended a conference and learned from others. I guess everything happens for a reason.

Thoughts were running through my mind this morning. I thought about what I would do now? I now had time to do stuff I used to brush off since it made me feel counter productive (but I ended up being counter productive anyway). I came up with a list:

1. Start visiting the "office" which I have neglected for the past month or so. Probably "work" for at least 4 hours a day on whatever in there.

2. Educate myself. I have started Android apps development, and I am really enjoying. I should probably go deeper into it rather than just scrape the surface like all other languages.

3. Take care of my body. I am not exactly fit, I haven't exercised in only God knows how long. We've got a treadmill, I guess I should make good use of it with the running shoes I bought ages ago :-P. Or maybe I should join the gym.

4. Go out more. My going out life has been mostly home, university, home, movie and dinner with friends on weekends and basically that's it. Maybe should I try the museum or spend the whole day walking around one of the malls. Basically socialize more.

5. Play music. I have abandoned my guitar and bass for at least a year. They are right in the middle of my house so I pass by it every time I visit the living room or kitchen. Yet for some reason that counter productive thought used to haunt me. Think I should change the strings first though, don't want to get tetanus!

6. Travel. Ever since I came back from Dubai for the first conference I attended I always wanted to go back and do stuff on my accord. Looks like that might be happening soon. I also would really like to visit Salalah again (closest you can get to a Brazilian in the GCC btw, minus erm, the beauties ;-P!).

7. Enjoy life! Can anything be that simple?

Noticed I haven't added anything career wise? Did that on purpose. It's in the list but too serious to be put here… I will be putting up a sort of online CV soon with the stuff I've accomplished and the skills I have (small or large).

Another chapter begins!

One thought on “A New Chapter Begins!”

  1. 2. Boy do I know what you mean. University really makes you feel that way when they teach you the basics and then teach you concepts that you can code in any language. >.<
    3. Pick up sports, they're a lot more fun! There are some really fun ones that you can even do alone like squash.
    4. Bahrain actually does have a lot to offer, you just need to go out and find it! You'd be surprised by the goodies you find. 😀
    7. Yes, enjoy the little things; they're everywhere asking for some love!

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