My Top 5 Favorite Android Apps

I've had my Android phone for almost a year and I have lost count of how many apps I have installed. Many of those remained on my phone for a short period of time, either because it was one of those one time use apps, not suited for my phone or just experimenting. Here is a small selection of those I have decided to keep (note: they are all non-games apps):

1. Opera Mobile Browser

The stock browser in Froyo and Gingerbread wasn't good enough for me since I couldn't open that many tabs and wasn't really as user friendly as I hoped it would be. Dolphin browser was also too much for me since I wasn't going to take advantage of its plugins features and so on. Naturally I went for Opera since they have been around for a while making browsers (I remember my 2005 Nokia had it and it was the best browser!) for not only computers but also phones.The interface is very Opera-ish and the speed dials are great to get to that page fast.

2. avast! Mobile Security

I know… You're probably thinking why on earth do you need a virus scanner on a phone? Well, Android does have its share of malware, and I read somewhere that these antivirus apps don't really work. However, I'm not after the malware protection but rather the theft protection features. I can lock, detect SIM changes, locate, stealthily call or SMS another phone and wipe my phone remotely. All this for free! I had to use several apps to provide what avast! does in one.

3. gAnalytics – Google Analytics

This is one of the most recent apps I have installed and it is still in beta (but working very well). Basically it is a front end to your Google Analytics account. You can get your site's visitor stats through the app rather than open up a browser and pinch zoom stuff. It doesn't support yet some of the new features in Analytics such as live user tracking, but it works pretty well nevertheless.

4. CPU Spy

This app is pretty much simple. All it does is show you the CPU states your phone has been running and for how long. Also displays the uptime at the bottom. It will also show unused CPU states, although my phone has rarely not gone through all the states. You must be wondering how useful is this app? Well, one of the states is "Deep Sleep" basically your phone goes to this state when you are not using it for some time. I used this to diagnose battery drain problems by checking if my phone wasn't resting well ;-).

5. Titanium Backup

This is probably the BEST app ever to backup your phone. It comes as either a free or paid version and is one of those definitely worth paying. It is especially useful if you often switch ROMs and don't feel like reinstalling your apps all over again, or even worst settings / progress (especially games). It comes with scheduling support so you can perform unattended backups. Note that you need root to take advantage of the full suit of features.

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