New Year Resolutions

Sooner or later, as the end of the year arrives some (or is it many? or all of us?) end up making new year's resolutions. It has been something I never quite understood, yet I end up doing it for some reason. Think about it, if you really wanted to, for example, lose weight, you could've started at the beginning of the year, around the middle or the end. It was all up to you. Resolutions seem more like delaying the inevitable. A new year arrives and you believe you have a clean slate, yet ignore the issues you had last year, that may affect what you do this year. Wow my mind spun for a sec thinking about that…

Resolutions are good though. I've never fulfilled a resolution to the letter before. But I do get really close to them, to the point where I am satisfied with the results, regardless if it was what I had in mind. We aren't perfect, things don't always go as planned, the world is an ever dynamic place which we can't really control. In fact, it is only now that I have realized that some of the things I fulfilled over the years were in fact resolutions! (I'm not the kind that writes down resolutions, but rather keep them in my mind where I know it's safe).

So what resolutions have I done for this year? This year's resolutions are much different from the others. A new chapter of my life starts now. And the resolutions are as serious as the last sentence.

Happy New Year once again and remember there's nothing wrong with breaking resolutions. But do try to accomplish them to some extent :-)!

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