Let The 4G Battle Begin!

Only days after Batelco announce a successful trial of their 4G LTE network, Viva comes out with a bang announcing that they will be showing their LTE stuff on the 1st of January, 2012. The difference?

Batelco were secretive about it, testing it in their Hamala HQ. Viva are making it public, at the City Centre mall, where users can experience it.

Batelco announces it as a trial. Viva as a full blown launch.

Batelco only got an article about it in the GDN. Viva got an article and right next to it a full page ad!

Looks like Zain is going to miss the party…

So, what does this mean for Bahrain? We should (but unlikely?) be getting much faster connections (upto 100Mbps according to the relaxed ITU specs). Of course in the end it's all just marketing (check out my Viva 42Mbps review), I believe the majority of the phones sold here are not 4G enabled. The dongles and routers are probably going to cost a fortune. Regardless, Bahrain's telecoms companies are heading in the right direction.

You have probably seen Menatelecom announce 4G this and 4G that. I believe they have been using the term for marketing purposes. Menatelecom uses 802.16e (ratified 2005) while ITU considers 4G WiMAX from 802.16m (ratified 2011).

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