My Worst Habit: Procrastination

Let's face it, we are all humans, we do good we do bad and we are not perfect. We also all have habits. Good habits (in my case arriving early), in between habits (working under pressure, might not be healthy but needs to be done) and bad habits.

My worst habit is the all famous one known as "procrastination" which according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is "to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done". At some point, I can say with confidence, we all procrastinate somehow. Which reminds me, I used to hear the word "procrastinate" ever since I started to pick up English and at first I thought it was something to do with religion (don't ask me why!). Anyways (see what I did?), I've just started to realize how much I procrastinate.

Let's see what's on my to do list: finalize draft of a conference paper, work on a final year project and work on a math project. I have a week off to do all these things and I am someway through them progress wise. However, every morning I convince myself to finish them and enjoy my days off, but for some reason that never happens. What happens instead? At the time I "scheduled" to start I go online, check my emails, watch a bit of TV and worst of all, do nothing sometimes! Even my first Android app (update 2) suffered from delayed development (I thought about it for months, but only recently started to work on it!).

It's only recently that I realized what happens in mind during procrastination. You see, I see these things as tedious and boring and as a result I end up being lazy and putting it off. The result is whatever else I do is also boring (like doing nothing, watching TV, visiting the last page on the Internet). But I believe I have found the solution, it is simple, it is what they say you should do: just do it! If you got something to do, just do it, don't leave it regardless what your mind says.

I have applied "just do it" by scheduling right after I wake up (6am) what I need to do. I put down the time I will start (usually 10am), and until then I take my time with breakfast, play a bit of PS3, go online, basically have fun. Once the clock hits 10, I stop whatever I am doing, sit on my desk and start working. I let nothing interrupt me (I need the TV for the random noise, usually a news channel works). And for some reason, I end up enjoying whatever I am doing, surprisingly as it sounds.

So if you suffer from procrastination, try "just do it" and see if it works with you. It's sad I decided to try this out now after almost a 1/3 of the average lifespan of humans passing by…

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