5 Things I’m Waiting For in 2012

Here is yet another one of those list like posts you find in almost every other blog or website! Here are just a few of the things I am waiting for this coming year 2012.

1. Year 2012

This is more like two-in-one thing. I am waiting for 2012 to come, lately I have been thinking about life and stuff at a deeper level and the thought of someone being alive today and dead tomorrow (or the next second). Life is something many take for granted, until you tell them you have only one chance at it :-P. I am also waiting to see what happens on, specifically, December 21, 2012. It has been over hyped, I would love to see the looks on people's faces when it turns out to be just another day on this lovely planet.

2. Getting my hands on a tablet

I am eagerly waiting to get a tablet (the computer kind, not in pills form). But not any tablet, not the "OMG iPad2" (or 3?). Instead I have my eyes on the Asus Transformer Prime. Although it will be out in just a few days, no one is taking pre-orders anymore due to demand and problems with WiFi on some units. I think I will wait until next year until they clear out hardware bugs.

3. The big thing of 2012

Year 2011 was the year marked by protests, revolutions, overthrowing of leaders, political leaks and other things not seen in recent years. I wonder what will be next? The cure for AIDS? A bit doubtful. Another war? By the looks of things (especially all these revolutions) that might be a possibility. Will it be between the 2Is (two-eyes), I certainly hope not, given how close I live to one of them!

4. What will be of me?

I am on my last semester in university, I have no idea what things will be like once I'm out. Will I be self-employed? Or am I going to be looking for a job in the market? I consider myself very fortunate for my accomplishments this past year, no matter how small they may be. I guess only time will tell…

5. There is no 5

So many things, yet number 4 what I'm really looking forward to seeing (and probably experiencing). I'm really craving for some toast right now…

6 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Waiting For in 2012”

  1. 2. Mmm.. Very tasty piece of technology. I always thought the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer was a fail boat. I always thought that you should either get a tablet if that’s what you need or a laptop/ultrabook if that’s what you need. It wasn’t until I saw the first Transformer in front of me that I realized the potential of this device. I was at a M$ dev conference and the guy in front of me was clearly a power user. He was using some office app so much more efficiently than you could with a laptop. I strongly support this device as a business tablet.

    Of course, I only have a tablet for gaming purposes, so Android is out of the question. There is no real alternative to the iOS app store in terms of games.

    4. I’d suggest getting a real job at first, maybe even start job hunting from now. Being self-employed requires something to start with. You’re going to need the capital in the beginning to keep you off until you’re ready to make enough money to live off your products alone.

    5. That was a very random video. The strong laughing really ruins it because it gets you in the mood for something downright hilarious, but the song really isn’t that funny.

  2. 4. That will probably be the case. I thought about getting a job AND do something on the side (but as a legal entity). However, when I went to get details about registering for a CR (commercial registration) they told me (If I recall correctly) that if I am currently employed I need to get written permission from my employer, and if I were to be employed by the government then I can’t register at all. Oddly enough, the office is there, the initial capital is there, getting a CR is there (need my diploma for registration purposes). But what to put on the paper is not there, for obvious reasons (experience, market saturation, lack of a huge lump of capital). Which is why I am thinking of moving to Brazil.

    5. Haha :-P! Luckily I didn’t put up the live version!

  3. Is the info on all these things (experience, market saturation, lack of a huge lump of capital) necessary? What if you think you can make it without the experience, still not allowed? What if your business doesn’t need THAT much capital, still not allowed? :-/

  4. By not allowed you mean for registration purposes? They don’t care much about experience, but for certain types of companies they ask for something that proves you at least have some knowledge (reason they need a diploma for almost anything technology related). Capital, for an individual is BD50,000 but I am going in as a partnership so its just a minimum of BD10,000. So even if you need BD0 to operate your business, you still need to show at least 10,000 for registration purposes.

    I was planning to import a specific brand of servers that have a huge gap in the GCC (according to their site the closest reseller is in Israel, so you can see the potential market).

    After some investigation, I’m afraid the reply I get from the company might not be positive…

  5. That’s an insane amount of money! I wouldn’t commercially register if it required that kind of capital.

    Alternatively, you could attempt to make official apps for companies. For example, you could try and get that VoIP client to be the official Android client for that company. And then you could basically jump around free-lancing Android apps for different clients. I’m pretty sure you could find many others that would want these apps.

  6. I had that in mind with the VoIP app. Since it’s my first ever app (Hello world doesn’t count 😉 ), it will probably need some polishing to make it look (and perform) better before I approach the VoIP company.

    I have a few more apps in mind and I thought about making them and adding ads. If Google includes Bahrain to receive money I would make a “pro” version of those worth it.

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