The Winter Blues

Let me start by saying that I love the winter, but I also hate it. I love the weather (compared to the summer), I like the warmth and coziness of the electric heater in my room and that sense of security you get when you are covered with all those covers in bed. But, for some reason the winter turns out to be the most depressing season. The days are way much shorter: if you need to wake early its still dark outside, if you need to go somewhere just after five in the evening, its already dark.

Two words popped in my head, winter blues. I thought, why not search for it online? Bam, first result on Wikipedia. The doctors, as usual, enjoy scaring the hell out of you by using scary words: Seasonal Affective Disorder. At least they are funny enough to chose the words that form the acronym "SAD" which is probably how you might feel when you have it. I decided to read further, specifically the "Symptoms" section. Wow I told myself, I've got more than few of those symptoms! Oddly, people can also suffer from it during the summer :-S.

Apparently one of the treatments is exposure to light. Looks like I'm going to be sunbathing in winter :-P!

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