3 Wishes

If I ever were to find a magic lamp, and if by chance it happened to contain a genie, here are my 3 wishes (assuming I can have ANY 3 wishes):

Get the perfect job:

For some reason I can't stand the fact that I will have to work under someone someday as any other employee in the system. I feel that if I do join the system, I might end up never innovating, never thinking of new ideas, maybe even losing my dreams. I am in the process of setting up something with a friend of mine, but each day that passes it seems our ideas are going to opposite ways. Since it seems like that might not happen anytime soon, I wish for the perfect job. A job in an area that interests me, that allows me to apply whatever I had on mind rather than follow strictly what must be done. Of course I don't expect it to be easy, I like challenges.

Set up a data center:

I always wanted to someday setup a data center in Bahrain. The costs will probably be in the millions to setup something decent. Hopefully by the time I find that lamp (and genie of course), connectivity in the middle east improves, not the routing through Europe to connect to a neighboring country… I even thought about getting one of those shipping containers and build a micro data center in it. But then I thought: I will need a nuclear powered cooling system for the thing to stay out in the weather here.

Feed a nation:

There's no point in life if you don't help others. You accumulate all that money, get everything you ever wanted and continue accumulating. And then you die and people will at some point ask the question: what good did he do to society? Bill Gates went for vaccinations. I'll go for something different like feeding the world. Preferably feeding a nation not through food donations but rather through the population's effort to grow food crops and so on. Not only do you feed people, it also would lead to some economic growth from surpluses.

Time to find that lamp!

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