Review: Revisiting cFosSpeed

This review is an update to my previous review of cFosSpeed that I wrote back in April 2010. I must say that cFosSpeed has updated quite a lot since that time, at the time I wrote that review it was on version 5, now its on version 7. If you would like to know what it does in more detail, you can either visit their site at or read my previous review. It is basically a traffic shaping program for Windows that will allow you to download at full speed while maintaining more important stuff like streaming and web browsing at a higher priority than your download.

I am still using my favorite skin (but with traffic history) called Liquid Crystal, but you now have a much wider selection of skins. The most interesting ones which I wish I could use are the ones that can be used with the Logitech gaming keyboards, there are videos of this in action at cFos' site.

Under the hood, cFosSpeed still works as before, but even better. They have added support for different forms of connections (although it still doesn't work properly with my OpenVPN connections), especially in these days where mobile Internet has gained popularity. They have also added more information about your network adapter inside the settings menu, so now you no longer need to use command prompts like before to find out how well your connection is calibrated, the type of pinger used, MSS, delays and a lot more information.

The connections window has also been revamped, it used to be annoying as hell since it was difficult to sort connections. Most importantly was the fact that since your connection is very dynamic (open, close, new connections etc…) you ended up with a window that changed every second. Thankfully they have fixed the window to allow sorting of the different columns and of course a "freeze" button. No more dizzy eyes ;-)!


Another feature they added was the ability for several copies (remember its 1 license per PC!) of cFosSpeed on a network to communicate with each other, sort of creating an intelligent network where theoretically everyone can saturate the line but reduce the effects of slowdowns doing stuff like browsing.

In my previous review I did not mention support since I never had to ask them for help until recently. All of my queries were to the technical department and I would usually get a reply by max the next day if it was a weekday. Queries sent on a weekend received a reply on the Monday, not too bad in my opinion since the product is not something that really needs 24/7 emergency support. They also have a community forum in several languages where you can get support from other users (staff visit it quite often as well).

The price is very affordable given the features it provides (only $19.90 at the time of writing). They still have the free licence promo where all you need to do is help them out by translating sections of the site. You could always download cFosSpeed and try it out as a free fully functional trial.



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