Movies I Miss from the Late 80s to Early 90s

As a person that was born in the late 80s, I enjoyed watching quite a selection of movies as I grew. Movies back then, compared to today, just seemed different, or maybe I'm growing too old. Anyways, here are my top favorites (in no particular order):

Ernest Series:

Remeber the character Ernest P. Worell? Movie names usually started with "Ernest Goes to ____", from Africa to jail and school.



Who doesn't remember Officer Murphy encased in a biomechanical suit? In a society where the police is controlled by the corporation OCP, RoboCop is there to "protect the innocent" and "uphold the law".


Die Hard:

I was quite old when I got the chance to watch John McClane in one of his badass moods (I believe it was on one of those pay TV movie channels we had back then). Anyways, reason it took a while until I had a chance to watch was because of this (WARNING):



The original Dark Knight, starring Michael Keaton as Batman and the psycho looking Jack Nicholson as the Joker.


Terminator 2:

The first of the Terminator series that I watched and I think my first Schwarzenegger and James Cameron film. For some reason it is the only movie of the series that I am able to watch over and over.


Jurassic Park:

Another one of those favorites from an entire series movie. As a kid I kept asking my mother if such a place existed, whether genetic experiements are for real and of course the horrific T-Rex…


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Funniest movie ever by Jim Carrey back then. Also the movie that made my mom hate him until today (don't ask me why :-(… ). And here's one of the many funny scenes:


Of course there are many more movies other the ones above, but it would make this post extreeeeeeemmmmmmmmeeeeeeellllllllyyyyyy long! Enjoy :-)!

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