Review: BurstNET VPS Hosting

I thought I would leave a review about my previous host (BurstNET) which hosted this website reliably for just under a year (from last December till the mid of this month, November). BurstNET provide a wide variety of services, however their most popular services are dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS). They are a well known, budget provider in the hosting market, running since the 90s. Many are put off by their website design, but don't judge a book by its cover! They provide services in multiple locations, in the US they have their own datacenter in Scranton (Pennsylvania) and (I believe) they lease space in datacenters in Los Angeles (California), Miami (Florida) and in Manchester in the UK.

The primary reason I got a VPS from them was to host this blog, but eventually it also turned into a test box for some application development, VoIP, VPN and other stuff I wanted to experiment. At one point I even added the popular cPanel control panel (did you know that cPanel's lead developer used to work at BurstNET?). Even though they are a budget provider, I've had only a single downtime caused by some problem in the host node's hard drive which did not last long (I'm guessing they did a drive swap). Their network is pretty good as well (BGP info here) and from Bahrain I was able to max out my connection (from Menatelecom it routes through Flagtel > Highwinds > BurstNET).

For $5.95 a month (entry budget Linux VPS) I was getting an OpenVZ VPS with 20GB storage, 512MB RAM, 1TB transfer, 2 IPs (at this price others usually provide 1 IP) and IPv6 on request. The control panel they give to manage the VPS is not the most popular one around: vePortal, but it does its job. Support is great as well, most replies within minutes, the longest was a few hours due to an external licensing issue.

Public relations wise in forums etc (such as in WHT)… the representatives are honest and put it all on the table if they must, to defend their actions ("the customer is always right" is overhyped when the customer is doing something bad…). Most of the complaints are from people who either do not know how to manage a VPS (they are an UNMANAGED provider, basic management means keeping things running, not holding your hand), abuse their allocated resources or are doing something illegal. If you are not doing any of the latter, then you shouldn't have a problem with the service they provide.

If it weren't for me wanting to try out Xen (and cutting down on my VPS addiction…) I would have kept my service with them. I hope they keep it up, I'm sure I'll find a reason to go back to them sooner rather than later :-P!

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