Fujifilm Bahrain Camera Exchange Offer

Got an old digital or film camera lying around? Do you sometimes feel like trashing it because it’s old, but don’t because it still works?

Good news! The Fujifilm dealers in Bahrain are taking in your old camera in exchange for a brand new Fujifilm Finepix JV250 for BD35 rather than the normal retail price of BD69.99. You get a new camera, 2GB memory card and a soft carry case as well.

The exchange is going on at the major hypermarkets (Geant, Lulu, Carrefour etc…), and according to what they told me brand and condition does not matter. I decided to trade in my 5 years old Canon Powershot (6MP) and the process was smooth, give camera, pay, take the new camera!

So there you go, now you can get rid of your old camera and not worry about electronic waste, or taking crappy pics ;-)!

7 thoughts on “Fujifilm Bahrain Camera Exchange Offer”

  1. MMC/SD included? And carry case? Hoping to go and have a look today. Where did u buy from?

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