Day 2 at EWB 2011

Wow what a busy time, I decided to post the rest of my EWB adventure just a bit late πŸ˜› (ok more than a month late). Better late than never is what they say πŸ˜‰

I'm not sure how I woke up early that day (day 2), buses were going to leave at 8am (the schedule had "Sharp" next to the time). I woke around 6am if I recall correctly. My room mate was still sleeping so I tried to quietly get some stuff out of my luggage. After a refreshing shower, I went to breakfast, on the 8th floor of the hotel, luckily it was early so the elevators were at their peak efficiency!

For some reason I wasn't all that hungry, I had quick breakfast with some fruit, bread and juice. The caffeine was unnecessary that day! By the time I left, other students were starting to come in by the numbers. I was glad I went to breakfast early, putting on a suit is no pleasurable task, especially if you have used suits sparingly. I took my time, actually watched a bit of TV, cool thing they had BTV, just made me homesick.

Right, so the destination was the Dubai's Mens' College, in Dubai logically. According to the schedule it was the students papers presentation day and a few plenary sessions in between. I had not registered for any session, so I decided to play it safe and stay within the auditorium.

The first plenary session included: Dr Mark Plotkin, the president of the Amazon Conservation Team. Evan Muchika Wadongo, a CNN hero and chairman of Sustainable Kenya, he invented a solar light made from recycled material and really really really cheap (range of few dollars). Finally, Robert Swan, the first person to walk to the north and south pole. Mr. Robert was the most energetic! Made me want to join him in one of his adventures! A couple students presentations took place.

The next set of plenary sessions included: Tony Blair Foundation Faith Act Fellows, and another CNN hero, Anuradha Koirala of Mattie Nepal. Then came an interesting plenary session with Albert Fert, a Nobel laureate, and basically the inventor of large capacity hard drives we see today. Unfortunately, Albert's session was after lunch, and most of the people were sleepy after lunch… The time in DMC ended with a few more papers. Now it was time to head off to the gala dinner at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The trip on the bus took almost 2 hours, we even had to stop for gas at some point between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We eventually arrived at the hotel. This place is huge and lavish it is unimaginable! It is the hotel that has a special kind of vending machine, a gold bars vending machine! Right in the middle of a large hall there was a huge cake with the EWB logo:

We continued on towards a section that would eventually lead us to the rear of the hotel towards the beach. There was some music playing and people greeting us and taking us towards tables. Everyone was seated and HE Shaikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahayan started the night with an opening speech, an insipiring speech.

What came next was unbelievable, a laser/3d/optical illusion mashup. Basically the hotel's building was optically manipulated and it literally rained fireworks, a video might be useful found in YouTube (thanks to pandora2204), of course this is nothing like actually being there!

The dinner was amazing, the night was amazing, everything was amazing! A memory I would never forget.

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