UAE Here I Come!

Due to the recent unrest in Bahrain I decided not to spill the beans on something, just in case travelling might have been disrupted. My flight is in a few hours so I will try to be brief! I have been accepted to participate in Education Without Borders.

Last semester, one of my professors approached me with the idea of setting up a cloud computing environment in the university (one of my projects involved a cloud based MMORPG). At first it was mostly experimental, but recently it has been running in a production environment (for students). My professor (and now mentor) suggested I write a paper about the cloud computing environment that was setup.

Cutting the story short: a wrote a paper (my first ever paper of the academic, research rich type), perfected it with the help of my mentor (revision, revision, revision, revision…), submitted it and got accepted! I will be joining the conference with other students from the other campuses as well!

I think I will get shocked when I arrive in the UAE, as it has been a loooooooooooong time since I’ve been there! How long? I believe my last visit was before the Burj Al Arab opened!

Here’s wishing for an amazing and interesting time at the conference (and the city as well!).

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