Aramex Launches Online Payment

Great news for those out there that use Aramex’s Shop and Ship service. Actually two bits of news. Firstly, they have moved away from their old URL ( to a more meaningful one (, not to mention a brand new look and design.

The other good news is that they have launched an online payment service where you can pay for the shipments you get from your US and/or UK boxes. They accept all major credit cards (yes, that includes American Express, which some sites reluctantly accept!). The process is fairly simple, login to your Shop and Ship account, track the shipment and lo and behold you get a “Pay Now” button right next to the amount they are going to charge.

There are only a couple of gripes with the service however. The biggest is security, the page where you enter your card details is not secured (aka not https), solved by simple adding https in front of the URL of the page (change THAT only!). The other is that they charge your card in USD, depending on your card and bank policies they may charge an exchange rate fee.

Other than that the service is pretty convenient, its usually a dangerous sprint to my wallet, on one side of the house, to the door on the other :P!

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