Review: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 2

I have decided, for once, to get a game locally for my PS3 (I usually buy from Amazon or eBay, due to the rip off around here). It has been just a while since H.A.W.X 2 was released and they had it around here already.

Since it was pretty new, there weren't any reviews around online from sites such as IGN or Gamespot etc… But I felt certain that since this was the second title in H.A.W.X it should be good and better than the first. To summarize, I am disappointed, the original H.A.W.X was much better. It almost felt as if they were in a rush or something to put a game together.

The game starts with something new, you need to take off and land, this was probably the only thing I found interesting in the whole game. You go through the same steps as the first game, a storyline mission, then training then the rest of the missions. You still have the XP system, as you complete challenges and kill you get points which help you level to get planes and open up a choice of weapons to use.

Missions are much harder and complex this time, I had to repeat a checkpoint several times due to the overwhelming number of enemies at some point (my bad I guess, I wasn't managing my ammo properly).

Dogfights suck now. Don't even think about shooting at planes from a distance: as soon as you get a radar lock, they shoot flares, as soon as you launch your first missile, they shoot flares (I am trigger happy, I shoot 2 missiles at a time, so I kept losing 2 missiles for a while), as soon as you get close, they shoot flares. Your plane carries between 12 to 20 flares depending on the mission. Your enemy carries an unlimited supply of flares, the realism was way way way off. Also if you try to fly your plane through an area with a lot of activity (explosions, enemies, missiles, debris etc…) you WILL notice the FPS drop (it lead to me crashing my plane at some point).

The game seems to finish quick as well, and lacks the appeal to play it again. I tried to play the missions again but I was just forcing myself and I shut it off, disappointed. I tried to "customize" a mission but I only had 2 planes to choose from… By the time you completed the original H.A.W.X for the first time, you had a nice selection of planes.

I can't believe I paid release date price for a game that seems lacking…

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