Menatelecom Unlocks

I’m not sure when this has exactly happened, but I found this out a few weeks ago. I decided for some random reason to visit Menatelecom‘s Motorola web interface (aka the WiMax modem, default IP I tried the default password: “motorola” and nothing, my hopes were dashed. I tried the next obvious password: “menatelecom” and bang the status page opens up!!

Yep, it seems like Menatelecom have finally unlocked their devices! Now you can personally configure port forwarding, change the IP address of the device (when I called customer service they told me its impossible…) and most importantly add your router in DMZ and minimize a bit of NAT.

The interface is Menatelecom branded (logo at top right) and partially locked, which is good, mostly, since you don’t want deleting the certificates and authentication required to connect to the network.

Here is a partially censored screenshot of what it’s like inside:

On another note, it seems like they have added STC (Saudi Telecom Company) as an additional route according to this. It was pretty good when it was active due to STC’s peers (Level 3, TIM, Tinet, Sprint, Global Crossing amongst many others). I had some problems on some sites and services and a few days later they were back on using Tata for all traffic I can see. Not sure if they got many complaints, or it was only on a testing basis.

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