Need a Push?

Here is a video that has been spreading around the Internet lately, coming from the UK. It is both interesting and scary at the same time! Imagine you in your little car getting pushed by a huge tanker truck (or lorry for our English visitors :-P)… But it is not a gentle push, ITS AT 60MPH (almost 100KMH)!!!

And you know what the worst part is? The driver pushing you is either completely oblivious to the fact that your car is being pushed by him or is completely insane!! Anyways enough talk here is the video:

This is from the BBC:

Police say they are reopening an investigation after footage of a motorway crash near Wetherby was posted on YouTube.

A lorry was seen pushing a car sideways on the southbound A1 (M) on 13 January.

The haulage company responsible for the truck confirmed that no action had been taken against the driver after the police’s first investigation.

Police say there were no injuries and both vehicles were on the hard shoulder by the time they arrived, so the incident was treated as a “damage-only collision”.

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