Portable Chromium

For the past few days I have been playing around with Chromium (not Google Chrome) browser and trying to make it portable and at the same time make it work with PortableApps. After a bit of tinkering I have successfully built it to almost PA specs.

Chromium is very much like Chrome except there is no Google branding, doesn’t come with an automatic updater, no Google unique ID sent along with your searches and you have few extra (but not that much of an impact) features. It works fully with extensions and themes found in Google’s Chrome gallery.

By making it portable (and in the PA format) it works with the PortableApps menu (along with associated icons) and all data as you browse will be saved on your USB drive instead of on the host computer.

There is a portable Chromium for PA already, but that version seems to require access to the registry whenever you want to run (since at university students have no admin rights, it didn’t work there). Plus I wanted it starting in Incognito by default (in case my drive gets lost at least there are no records of sites I visited, cookies, passwords etc…).

I will release it probably some time over the weekend, once I have to time to tweak it to PA format. It will use the latest built version of Chromium (but will come with update instructions, which is very very easy don’t worry), the default paf installer will come with starting as Incognito by default but I will offer the other .exe that you can replace for non-Incognito startups (which will then allow you to use extensions, since Incognito mode does not work with extensions).

I will get a post up and have a dedicated page to it when its ready, keep checking the blog ;-)!

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