Database Problems

If you tried to visit my blog a while ago you were probably greeted with an ugly WordPress error about database problems… My bad…

What happened? Well, I had this lab for my database class, I decided to give it a try on MySQL running in my VPS. I thought, why not create username X? I got some funny errors in MySQL which I decided to ignore, simply because I thought it was a syntax error. I ended up changing the password associated to username X and granting it privileges to a new database I created just for the lab.

So… Lab complete, I decided to checkout something in WordPress… Bam, database error. I panicked, I had not realized yet what had happened. I thought my blog was gone for good :-S!!!

Long story short 1) the username I decided to use for my lab was being used by WordPress, 2) only the lab database had privileges so the username couldn’t access the WordPress DB.

Few SQL statements later and everything is back in business!

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