Viva Launch 4th March

According to Viva’s official site, launch date has been confirmed for tomorrow the 4th of March. I have heard or seen somewhere the date 3rd of March, but I can’t remember if it was related to SIM distribution or a potential launch date.

Reserving a number was a pain, even though you had 2 options. Either visit one of their stalls, usually at a mall or some popular place or online at their sister site (now forwarding to their main site). Either you were queued in line which I decided was not worth it, I didn’t feel like waiting in line :-P! Or if you were unlucky, their registration site was down due to the massive traffic. I woke up in wee early hours of the morning to register my number.

Now with the date set to 4th of March, I have no idea when to pick my SIM card (although when I asked they said something about sending an SMS) and their site no longer has links to their registration and status checking pages. Nothing from their Facebook representative except for “Today is the day… are you all READYY..!” (today? I thought it was tomorrow?!?!?!?!?) posted around 5 hours ago (remember today is the 3rd).

I’m thinking of starting a timeline of my experience with Viva, if it helps anyone decide whether to try them out or not.

Update: The launching ceremony was on the 3rd while operation official start on the 4th of March. Confusion cleared :-P!

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