Sharks Ahoy!

News from Dubai. A huge aquarium in Dubai Mall got cracked and started leaking. Best part: it was a shark filled aquarium! People were evacuated from the section of the mall with the aquarium, I guess the sharks were hungry and humans were not exactly on the menu. Here’s a video of the leak:

This isn’t the first problem Dubai has had with their attractions. Recently the elevator at Burj Khalifa (aka Burj Dubai) had a problem.

Both Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa were developed by the same developer Emaar Properties. I wouldn’t be surprised that more of these occurrences come about in the future. Some speculate that low wages and abuse by contractors towards employees have resulted in poor quality (aka revenge) of some developments.

Dubai is a great city, I still remember the first time I went there when things started booming. I’d hate to see its image ruined. I guess only time will tell…

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