First Post… Powered by nginx!

After several days of having this blog run on several different web servers (from Apache, Lighttpd aka Lighty and now nginx) except Microsoft’s IIS (I personally prefer free, open source alternatives, especially for running services) I finally have got nginx setup perfectly!

To those that are not familiar with nginx: it is pronounced “engine x” but I tend to pronounce it as “en-jinx”. It is a high performance web server that also comes with some proxying services (not only web, mail too!). It was developed by Igor Sysoev (a Russian programmer) to handle the heavy traffic of some Russian sites. It now powers other sites, notable ones being WordPress (I’m guessing the .com blogs hosting platform) and Hulu amongst others.

It took me days to setup simply because every single time I was repeating the same silly mistake which I didn’t bother to search (install times were right before bed time!). So this blog kept going down and up (down when I tried nginx and up when I restored to a state with Apache running). I finally got it running a while ago, but this time with a mostly yum based installation *cowers*… Well the problem I was having was mostly an OS problem… You see, I… I had my files as username abc but the nginx was running as user cba… Technically I had a successful install every single time, but messed up in basic configuration!

Performance wise the difference is clear between a basic tweaked Apache setup and nginx. I had Apache with around 100Mb of total system RAM on startup, quickly growing to between 150-180Mb when I started moving around WordPress’ admin section. Now with nginx I am running with total memory usage at 108Mb max (so far), with the CGI’s process eating the most RAM! Quite a difference.

I’m hoping to get nginx running successfully once again but with another CGI module instead (got my eyes on php-fpm). I’ll probably get a tutorial posted here with both the easy *cough*yum*cough* and install from source method.

Unfortunately my mind isn’t powered by nginx yet, better sleep before my mind is replaced with a BSOD!

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