Windows 10 for Phone: What We Know So Far

It’s been just over 2 weeks since Microsoft decided to launch the preview of Windows 10 for their phone platform. The new Microsoft is really taking users’ experience into consideration by allowing the public to participate in the previews of their various products such as Windows and Office 2015. As the builds roll out Microsoft has been implementing some of the feedback that users have been requesting through the respective feedback system implemented in their new products.…

What are the Great Pluses and Minuses of Windows 8.1?

It’s been quite some time that Microsoft has launched Windows 8 and now just last month (17thOctober 2013), the company was seen launching its advance version called Windows 8.1. The latest version carried some of the aspects of the previous Windows 8 version. Though it was seen with certain improvements yet was criticized for several flaws as well in windows 8.1 version. This has therefore compelled the users to first check both the pros and cons of this latest edition from windows.…

A Quick Tour of Windows 8 Beta

Microsoft are well known for their Windows product line which is popularly known to be a desktop/laptop operating system. The people at Redmond have been working really hard on getting Windows popular on other devices popular today: smart phones and tablets. They have already gotten into the phone market through the early days of Windows Mobile and now Windows Phone. However, soon Microsoft will enter the tablet market (with a bang!) with their new operating system: Windows 8.…

ReactOS: The Open Source “Windows”

A few days ago, I came across an interesting operating system known as ReactOS. Like many Linux OS it is open source and free to download. The only difference, it is NOT Linux or even a Unix-like OS! The first few lines of the site's home page explains what it is: "ReactOS is a free, modern operating system based on the design of Windows XP/2003". How much is it based on Windows?…

Easing the Windows to Linux Transition

It's been almost a month since I've made a complete transition from Windows to Linux on my main working computer (my notebook to be exact). The longest I have ever gone with Linux installed was a month, mostly due to needing to use software that works properly only on Windows (also those that are not compatible with Wine). However, this time I have decided to find alternatives, even if it takes a while to get it running properly.…

Learn Web Programming Easily

Today if you ever wanted to kick start learning a new programming language you would probably visit one of those popular tutorial web sites out there. I started it off with W3Schools (introduced in university) and also used Tizag to supplement and fill in the gaps. However, one disadvantage I found with these sites was the lack of interactive exercises that you can do anywhere. For example, to try HTML you would need a text editor (Notepad++ is my favorite) and at least a web browser to test your code (same with JavaScript).…

Stuff to Do When it Rains

Bahrain had one of those "mother of all rains" yesterday that lasted just about most of the day. Unlike other countries (in Europe for instance), that much rain is not normal around here. The sewers get clogged, cars break down, the sun is gone making it dark and gloomy (it went dark at around 4pm :-s) and people don't exactly know how to drive in the rain. If you are like me and prefer to stay home, here are some things you can do to pass time:

  1. Read a book!

Review: Menatelecom myKey Internet Service

This is the first of a series of reviews of the different Internet services I have used since my last review.

Menatelecom's myKey service is basically similar to what other ISPs in Bahrain offer, Internet through a USB dongle. However, the biggest difference is that they do not use a mobile (as in mobile phone / cell) network, but rather WiMAX. They offer the service under two different sub-service.…

Review: Viva Prepaid Broadband

It has been around a week since Viva launched their new service, prepaid (mobile) broadband. After seeing the ads in the press and on the streets, I decided to give them a try, after all for BD10 I’ve got nothing to loose. Before getting into the details, let’s compare the offers of prepaid broadband currently available in Bahrain (along with recharge options, screenshots from their respective sites).


Starter price: BD6
Credit included: Unknown


Starter price: BD30 / 33 (depending on which USB device, mykey1, mykey2 respectively)
Credit included: None


Starter price: BD24
Credit included: Unknown (e-Go device + data line mentioned in starting price, definition of data line?)


Starter price: BD10
Credit included: BD5

As you can see, Viva seems to be the most affordable at the moment.…