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Internet Pricing in the GCC

Every once in a while I hear someone commenting about the Internet in Bahrain: it is too slow, too expensive, not unlimited etc… They tend to compare it to one of our neighbors usually the UAE and/or Saudi Arabia. I would usually leave it at that since I have no first hand experience about the Internet in any other country of the GCC except Bahrain of course (neither do the complainers!).

From the comfort of my chair I can't really judge the quality of the Internet being provided in the countries around me.…

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Better Internet is (Hopefully) Coming

Bahrain, and the rest of the Gulf countries could very soon be experiencing faster and most importantly affordable Internet. A marine cable laid by a company known as Gulf Bridge International (GBI) is finally complete, and is technically live and ready (as of 19th Feb, 2012). It connects the countries in the Gulf region: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar (GBI's HQ), UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran and Iraq. Furthermore it then connects to countries outside the Gulf for international connectivity, Italy (Europe, eastern US) and India (Asia, western US).…

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Menatelecom (Slightly) Increases Allocation

Not sure when this happened, as I just noticed this morning when my Menatelecom data transfer reset. Seems like those subscribed to the 2Mbps/21GB/Internet only package have had their transfer amount boosted to 25GB. I’m not sure if and how the other packages have been affected.

I’m guessing the addition of STC and FLAG have contributed in lowering their costs and increasing their infrastructure capabilities. Not to mention becoming the 2nd largest ISP in Bahrain according to this press release.…

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Viva Bahrain Review: SIM Pickup

Today morning I had decided to go and collect my Viva SIM card from the closest outlet to home, Al Jazira supermarket, Zinj. The Viva website mentioned that their branch there is open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm, perfect.

I left home just under 10 minutes to 9am, its really close, and especially today being a Friday (weekend here), I was practically the only person on the road!…

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