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Games I’m Waiting for in 2012

Here are 5 games I am anxiously waiting to be released this year (2012). Hopefully the publishers stick with their ETAs!

1. Ninja Gaiden 3

NinjaGaiden3 241x300 Games Im Waiting for in 2012

I haven't played NG2 yet… I did play the first one on the PS3 and it is one of those games you underestimate looking at its cover. Sure it is just a ninja game, hack and slash, shuriken shooting etc… But, if they maintain the same mechanics as in one, some encounters will frustrate you to shreds (in a good way). Release date: March 2012.

2. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City

OperationRaccoonCity 241x300 Games Im Waiting for in 2012

Hopefully another great hit from an amazing franchise. I'm getting sick of the RE movies, but the games continue to be a must have for anyone that likes the post apocalyptic shooting genre. As the name suggests, it takes place in Racoon City, much like RE2 and RE: Nemesis. Release date: March 2012.

3. Resident Evil 6

Resident evil 6 300x219 Games Im Waiting for in 2012

Yikes another RE game in the same year as the other! Yep, I'll let the trailer below speak itself. Release date: November 2012.

4. Borderlands 2

Borderlands2frontcover Games Im Waiting for in 2012

The original Borderlands offered hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of gameplay. Plus you have downloadable content to keep you entertained for a looooooooooong time. The game continues on the planet of Pandora, and the gameplay is similar to the first. The original was a great success, will Borderlands 2 be one too, given it is quite similar in gameplay and setting? Hell yeah! You just need to be trigger happy! Release date: sometime 2012, at worst 2013…

5. BioShock Infinite

Bioshock infinite logo 300x154 Games Im Waiting for in 2012

If you are familiar with the BioShock series, the first two were related to each other in terms of settings and that only years separate the two plot wise. BioShock Infinite (code name Icarus) however, does not take place underwater (Rapture), but in the skies (Columbia). The developers have quite a challenge making a world that is more open (underwater, limited space vs. open skies, infinite of space).


Console or PC? I Prefer Console

This post will be less of a comparison but more of a personal opinion thing.

Today, if you are a gamer, you basically have two choices on your gaming platform. It's either a console, or a computer (most likely Windows). They both have pros and cons:

  • The PC can push graphics further and have more processing power than a console.
  • You can easily upgrade a PC's individual components instead of buying a newer generation console.
  • Downloadable games are more common on the PC platform compared to consoles (this trend is changing though).
  • A PC does much more than just play games, watch videos or operate as a media player.
  • MMOs are more common on PC, partially due to better hardware and the next point.
  • PC games are much easier to develop than consoles (Xbox an exception). You need thousands in proprietary hardware and software to develop a console game, that is if you get approved by the makers.
  • You don't need to worry about regional issues on a PC. You can play the European, American, Japanese or Klingon version of the game and it should work.

To many, a PC gaming rig is the way to go. To me however, it's the other way round. I prefer consoles. I've played console games from the ancient Sega and Nintendos that dominated the world, to the PlayStations and Xboxes and Wiis. I've also had my fair share of PC based games from flight sims, FPS, MMOs and more. Reasons I prefer consoles:

  • The hardware is standard. If the game isn't working you either have a faulty console or the game itself is broken. It's not the graphics card, hard disk, RAM, operating system, other applications hogging and all the millions of possibilities.
  • The game's requirements is standard (see above). You don't need to read the minimum requirements hoping the game works at its lowest settings, or upgrade your hardware to match the recommended requirements for the perfect game play.
  • Over the long run, consoles may be cheaper. After buying the console, you just need to buy games. No need to upgrade your hardware as games evolve.
  • If you are constantly going for the latest console, you will change your console on average every 6 years. Your old console will also probably last a couple of years longer, since developers don't suddenly stop making games.
  • Don't forget the console exclusives! Some games are released only on consoles (it can also be vice versa though).
  • Consoles can now push graphics good enough compared to a PC. Sure it might not be lifelike, but it's way better than previous generations of consoles.
  • A console is much more comfortable! Couch, chair, stretcher or even standing, thanks to the small controller (vs. keyboard and mouse)

There's my opinion on the whole console vs. PC debate. For now I will stick with my PS3 since my PC hardware is already outdated!


Skyrim: A Game Worth Every Penny!

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim cover 238x300 Skyrim: A Game Worth Every Penny!

I'm not a hardcore gamer, neither am I too casual. I'm more of an in-between gamer, If I get the chance I would spend hours upon hours playing something, or spend some time doing other stuff and game. My platform of choice: the PS3 (The Sony PlayStation 3 for serious non-gamers :-P), after all "it only does everything" (credits to Sony).

When it comes to game genres, I really have no preference. However, I do prefer games that are visually appealing and most importantly is playable for a significantly long time. If you take these two criterions into consideration, there aren't that many games that fit. For example, the GOW series is amazing, just go in and slash everything, however it is possible to finish over a single session. I also do have interests in simulation games, whether it is cars (GT5 for example) or fighter planes (Ace Combat and HAWX) since they can get pretty dynamic.

The last game I bought (at a bad time, week before finals!) was The Elders Scroll 5: Skyrim, simple known as Skyrim, by Bethesda. It is an open world game, basically you just roam around doing quests and interact with NPCs (non-player characters). Typical RPG you may think. But no, they went to great lengths to make a game that in some cases can be quite unpredictable, thanks to the Radiant AI system. Through dialog you can change the outcome of missions, receive a different reward and so on.

The main story, without spoilers is about dragons. The player is a special person, with special powers (search for "fus ro dah" videos). The story is quite short, but you have quite A LOT quests not related to the main story line. You end up playing a game that might as well have no end if you truly want to play it thoroughly! I actually read somewhere that mentioned the devs clocked 300 hours of game play and just stopped because they didn't feel like counting more. Not surprised.

If you want to find out more… BUY THE GAME!



PS: For PS3 users suffering from lag, freeze etc… Disabling all auto-saves, deleting those auto-saves and saving manually instead worked. I froze only a couple of times since making these changes (rather than every 10 or so travel/loads).


PSN: Pictures Say a Thousand Words

One week of PSN down:

memes playstationnetwork y u no work 300x225 PSN: Pictures Say a Thousand WordsSo PSN got hacked, but according to Sony it was just maintenance. Potentially a lot of people got their information stolen (maybe even credit cards), but it took Sony almost a week to find out.

Bottom line: GET PSN ONLINE PLEASE! Every minute PSN is down a gamer loses their life to sunburn…


Review: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 2

I have decided, for once, to get a game locally for my PS3 (I usually buy from Amazon or eBay, due to the rip off around here). It has been just a while since H.A.W.X 2 was released and they had it around here already.

HAWX 2 Review: Tom Clancys H.A.W.X 2

Since it was pretty new, there weren't any reviews around online from sites such as IGN or Gamespot etc… But I felt certain that since this was the second title in H.A.W.X it should be good and better than the first. To summarize, I am disappointed, the original H.A.W.X was much better. It almost felt as if they were in a rush or something to put a game together.

The game starts with something new, you need to take off and land, this was probably the only thing I found interesting in the whole game. You go through the same steps as the first game, a storyline mission, then training then the rest of the missions. You still have the XP system, as you complete challenges and kill you get points which help you level to get planes and open up a choice of weapons to use.

Missions are much harder and complex this time, I had to repeat a checkpoint several times due to the overwhelming number of enemies at some point (my bad I guess, I wasn't managing my ammo properly).

Dogfights suck now. Don't even think about shooting at planes from a distance: as soon as you get a radar lock, they shoot flares, as soon as you launch your first missile, they shoot flares (I am trigger happy, I shoot 2 missiles at a time, so I kept losing 2 missiles for a while), as soon as you get close, they shoot flares. Your plane carries between 12 to 20 flares depending on the mission. Your enemy carries an unlimited supply of flares, the realism was way way way off. Also if you try to fly your plane through an area with a lot of activity (explosions, enemies, missiles, debris etc…) you WILL notice the FPS drop (it lead to me crashing my plane at some point).

The game seems to finish quick as well, and lacks the appeal to play it again. I tried to play the missions again but I was just forcing myself and I shut it off, disappointed. I tried to "customize" a mission but I only had 2 planes to choose from… By the time you completed the original H.A.W.X for the first time, you had a nice selection of planes.

I can't believe I paid release date price for a game that seems lacking…