Windows 10 for Phone: What We Know So Far

It’s been just over 2 weeks since Microsoft decided to launch the preview of Windows 10 for their phone platform. The new Microsoft is really taking users’ experience into consideration by allowing the public to participate in the previews of their various products such as Windows and Office 2015. As the builds roll out Microsoft has been implementing some of the feedback that users have been requesting through the respective feedback system implemented in their new products.…

Why I Decided to Switch to and Recommend Office 365 Over Google Apps

In the past I used to be a mostly Google person when it came to communications services such as email. In the collaboration front I wasn’t too fond of Google Docs. It was cool working on the same document with someone else at the same time, but I couldn’t rely much on it when it came to importing the widely used Microsoft formats. My uses were simple too, I just wanted to have emails coming through on my domain, connect to my account on my phone and whatever other devices I picked up along the way.…

Linode: After 319 Days of Uptime

If there is one VPS provider that I really like and use it’s Linode (ref link). In my opinion they are not over hyped or overrated, they do what they do best: offer quality VPS, have multiple locations, nifty features (such as load balancing) and most importantly the best (and quickest) support.

Recently Linode started a wave of upgrades:

  1. 20% increase in storage (December 2012)
  2. Network upgrade that included upgrading the transfer allowance (March 2013)
  3. Host node upgrades running newer Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPUs + 8 cores per VPS (March 2013)
  4. RAM doubled on all plans (April 2013)

After reading about the RAM upgrade and simply had to get my VPS running with all of the above (out of the above my VPS I was only taking advantage of the network upgrade).…

Fixing Windows Phone 8 to Windows 8 Tethering Issue

I have recently decided to jump over to the Windows Phone side, having been on Android and even developing a couple of apps on Android (I still like the platform though!).

I went for the very popular Nokia Lumia 920 (sure it is bulky compared to the HTC 8x, but it has a more solid build) and to be honest I’m not missing much compared to Android (email + WhatsApp + GPS navigation are the apps I use the most).…

Linode’s Clairvoyant Support Team

I swear Linode's (shameless referral linking :-p) support team have a crystal ball or something on their desks! So a couple of days ago my VPS at Linode was going up and down then down for a few minutes. I decided to send in a ticket wondering if there was some issue going on. Just have a look at the timestamps:

Yes, that is a reply to my question 7 SECONDS after I opened the ticket!… A Cleaner Hotmail

With the arrival of instant messaging many years ago, and more recently social media networks, people thought that the death of e-mail would be coming inevitable soon. Big players such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft (just to name a few) tried to resuscitate e-mail by increasing attachment size, providing unlimited storage and integrating e-mail closely with other products helping e-mail celebrate its 40th birthday (that's a millennium in Internet years!). In my opinion the complete overhaul in webmail also helped e-mail face off against its competitors.…

Yummy Raspberry Pi

Disclaimer: If you are reading this because you thought I am talking about "raspberry piE" then I am sorry to disappoint you :-(. This is about "Raspberry Pi" the computer! For PIE here is the top result.

Wow where to start. Guess an introduction first. The Raspberry Pi is a cheap (around $35) computer that comes as an open circuit board. You get to see the components in the nude, touch the chips and components (not recommended due to ESD and a little shock 😉 ) and even add other compatible boards to it.…

TRA Publishes Bahrain’s Internet Ecosystem Report (by Renesys)

The TRA of Bahrain has published a mid year report about Bahrain's Internet environment (or ecosystem). This report was compiled by Renesys, Internet intelligence experts. If you are into networking or would like to know more how your Internet at home is routed then you'll enjoy reading it.

Download it from the TRA here.

Some interesting points:

  • STC (aka Viva) is providing most of the upstream to providers across the country (66% of traffic going through them).

Linode’s 9th Birthday Giveaway!

Linode (to me, the best VPS provider in the solar system) is going to be celebrating its 9th birthday on the 19th of June with a super giveaway! Yes, this is a party where you don't need to bring any presents, but get presents from the birthday boy (or company) themselves.

The giveaway is for all, new and existing customers and it is quite simple. According to their blog post if you are a new customer, signup for one of their amazing Xen VPS and you'll get $100 in credit.…