Microsoft Surface 2 – Review

surface2 300x168 Microsoft Surface 2 – Review

Microsoft has recently unveiled its another standalone product Microsoft Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 a few weeks ago. Both products have arrived with most advanced specifications and features. This means that Microsoft have launched this after great research on market behavior and consumers demands. Microsoft Surface comes with second generation processor which is lighter, thinner, and faster and more energy efficient. In this article we have done for Microsoft Surface 2, another standalone product from Microsoft Surface 2.…

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What are the Great Pluses and Minuses of Windows 8.1?

It’s been quite some time that Microsoft has launched Windows 8 and now just last month (17thOctober 2013), the company was seen launching its advance version called Windows 8.1. The latest version carried some of the aspects of the previous Windows 8 version. Though it was seen with certain improvements yet was criticized for several flaws as well in windows 8.1 version. This has therefore compelled the users to first check both the pros and cons of this latest edition from windows.…

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List of Common Glitches in Windows Phone 8


Windows Phone 8 has made its best effort to make the Redmond’s mobile OS better than its earlier predecessor. But there is always room for more improvement. Here are some of the issues which have been reported by the users and we also try to find solutions to it. If the reader of the post has encountered a same problem but has dealt with it in a much proper way then feel free to post a comment of the solution below in the comment box.…

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A Complete Process: How GD3 Works in Windows Phone 8

There are many devices, which are coming with Windows Phone 8 OS build 1037 or the GDR2, however, very few people know that the newly introduced GDR3 was expected to embark the market filling the gap between Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 based phones. Unlike the GDR2, GDR3 is not seen with so many new features; however, you can find a number of fine or smaller enhancements that are driven by a number of new hardware requirements.…

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Linode: After 319 Days of Uptime

If there is one VPS provider that I really like and use it’s Linode (ref link). In my opinion they are not over hyped or overrated, they do what they do best: offer quality VPS, have multiple locations, nifty features (such as load balancing) and most importantly the best (and quickest) support.

Recently Linode started a wave of upgrades:

  1. 20% increase in storage (December 2012)
  2. Network upgrade that included upgrading the transfer allowance (March 2013)
  3. Host node upgrades running newer Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPUs + 8 cores per VPS (March 2013)
  4. RAM doubled on all plans (April 2013)

After reading about the RAM upgrade and simply had to get my VPS running with all of the above (out of the above my VPS I was only taking advantage of the network upgrade).…

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Windows Phone 8: The Bad Side of Things

I have finally gotten the time to get started with the Windows Phone 8 and Lumia series which I hope you’ll enjoy.

I have decided to start off the series with the things that I do not like with Windows Phone 8, this also includes what I believe to be bugs. Do note that I have come from an Android phone before jumping ship and getting myself a Windows Phone phone :-P.…

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Windows Phone 8 + Nokia Lumia Series

In the coming few days I will be going over Microsoft’s latest mobile OS (Windows Phone 8) and Nokia’s WP8 flagship phone, the Lumia 920.

Just to give a bit of an introduction. I have recently (only a couple of weeks) moved away from the openness and flexible mobile platform, Android, to a (hopefully) more stable and predictable OS, Windows Phone 8. I decided to go all out and got myself the hyped Nokia Lumia 920.…

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Fixing Windows Phone 8 to Windows 8 Tethering Issue

I have recently decided to jump over to the Windows Phone side, having been on Android and even developing a couple of apps on Android (I still like the platform though!).

I went for the very popular Nokia Lumia 920 (sure it is bulky compared to the HTC 8x, but it has a more solid build) and to be honest I’m not missing much compared to Android (email + WhatsApp + GPS navigation are the apps I use the most).…

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